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Durable All-Over Printed Tote Bags


In Florida, we work our ‘seasons’ a little differently. While some of you are freezing your butts off up north, we’re enjoying the best weather of the year.

And from November – May, my town has a weekly Farmer’s Market in this lovely weather! Not to rub it in, but my husband and I are usually wearing shorts and tshirts while we go pick out fruits and veggies during our weekly Friday market trip.

I was really excited to find a vendor for Tote Bags, because I wanted a custom one with one of my images on it. It needed to be pretty large, with durable handles. It needed to be washable, because I’m toting fruits and veggies and who knows what else in this thing. And most of all, it needed to be pretty!, and I wanted the design printed on the entire bag, both sides. I’m happy to report that I’ve found a GREAT bag! I’m excited to be adding it to the shop, and sharing some pictures of my sample bag with you here.

pineapple tote bag market shopper bag from

I chose the Pineapple Tote Bag for my first sample, because I have a bit of an obsession with pineapples. I have pineapples growing in my yard (in fact, the pineapple in this image was grown in my yard), I have pineapples on my clothes, I have pineapples on my phone case, and I have pineapples in my kitchen waiting to be eaten. So it was an easy choice for me on my first tote bag purchase!

The specs on the tote bags from the manufacturer are:  15″x15″.  100% spun polyester weather resistant fabric. Dual handles, 100% natural cotton bull denim. Made in America!

My take is: I squealed when I opened the package, I was so excited and it was so cute! It’s a great size. The fabric is durable and the printing is super nice! The colors are well saturated and look amazing with the slight texture of the tote. The stitching is tough, and the handles are durable and attached very well. The length of the handles was comfortable for shoulder wear for everyone in my family (yes I made them all try.)

tote bags by

I took the bag with me to the Farmer’s Market the very same week. I was excited to see if it would hold our ‘usual’ purchases. When I got home, I went straight out to our lanai to get some pictures of the bag, full-up with the week’s haul from the market. Here is the full bag:

farmers market shopper tote bag by catch a star fine art

And here’s everything that I fit inside! I’m so thrilled with everything that fit in here. For us, this is an average stop at the farmer’s market, so it’s nice to know I can fit my usual purchases into this one nice bag. (Also, three weeks later, I’m becoming known as ‘that lady with the pineapple bag’ at the market 😀 )

tote bag farmers market shopper reusable bag by

And while I hadn’t planned on adding a model to this shoot :D, Sparta decided to join me so she gets her fifteen minutes of fame too.

tote bags

One final tip …. of course this tote is super pretty (and I have a lot of other options in the shop with more on the way!) but one big benefit too is that it’s eco-friendly. I think most of us are trying to reduce plastic use and have a smaller footprint, and reusable bags are a great way to do this.  But I can tell you that at our local market, you choose your goodies which are in little wooden bins, and then when you purchase they often put the fruits/veggies into plastic bags! So inside my tote I have these Reusable Produce Bags from MightyNest. 

Catch A Star Fine Art tote bag farmers market bag

If you haven’t heard of MightyNest you really should check them out! I’ve been receiving their monthly MightyFix subscription for about six months now, and I love and use every single item I’ve been sent. It’s just $10 a month, and what you’ll receive is always valued at more than that, PLUS you get a monthly discount code.

PIN IT!  Here's all the details on one image, perfect for pinning. I *love* Pinterest - please come find me there!

reusable farmers market tote bag by catch a star fine art





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