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Green Dandelion




Here's an interesting thing about South Florida. We don't really have dandelions. I grew up in the midwest, where spring meant huge puffy dandelions in large quantities just about everywhere there was grass, invading the lawns and annoying the adults, while thrilling the kids who couldn't wait to blow spinning pinwheels all over. That just doesn't happen here. We get just a few dandelions, and they're tiny (about the size of a nickel), hard to find, and gone quickly. I was happy to find these while out hunting wildflowers!

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  • This image can be printed on professional archival mat paper, or on gallery-wrapped canvas.
  • Prints are unframed. Matting is available for select sizes.
  • Canvas are wrapped around 1.5" stretcher bar.
  • Color variation may occur due to differences in monitor calibration.



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Green Dandelion