Hi, I'm Heather - the owner, photographer & designer behind Catch A Star Fine Art.

My goal is to create custom art that perfectly fits your home and your style. From original photos to custom canvases, I want to help you MAKE IT YOURS. No cookie-cutter mass-produced stock photos here - everything in my shop was photographed or designed by me.

* * * * *

A little more about me.....

I've been working for myself as a photographer & designer since 2002.

Like a lot of photographers, it seems there aren't very many pictures of me.

Of the ones that do exist, odds are I've got a camera in front of my face.


Photography has been a force in my life since I was little. 

    I was that nerdy little introvert kid with the Kodak 110 AND the Polaroid camera, slowing down hikes to capture details, and developing black & white prints (FILM!) in a basement darkroom.


    I went to the police academy at the ripe age of 19, in between my freshman and sophomore years of college.

    I then completed my degree and worked as a patrol officer in Indiana and Florida for a dozen years.


    But as a creative and independent person, I REALLY wanted to work for myself.

    With the support of my husband (who always tells me I can do anything!), I opened and ran a busy portrait studio for over a decade.  I specialized in babies & families, and later added in Police K9s and weddings.


    In 2016, I turned my focus to art prints and custom canvases  -  and it's the best thing ever!

    Working my way through years of images to choose the best ones, learning new editing techniques, and of course creating even more new images has let my creativity grow.


    I've created countless displays for customers, from small prints to large canvas and wall galleries.

    As visual creatures, the items we surround ourselves set the mood! Art is a great way to make your space your own. Color, black and white, canvas or prints - choose what you love and get it up on the wall!


    ( Also - I live in Southwest Florida on a few beautiful, wooded acres with my awesome husband and amazing kids. We currently have two dogs (plus one active duty police K9), two cats, an ever-changing number of chickens, and several aquariums.)