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Choosing the right size art for your space - step by step!

I love working on custom projects!

Meg sent me pictures of her kid's study nook because she was interested in putting framed  lifeguard stand photos in the space above the cabinets.  She needed some input on sizing and narrowing down her image choices.

custom lifeguard tower display

The blue on the walls was a perfect backdrop for colorful lifeguard stand photos! I showed her the two framed options we have - traditional (matted and framed) and canvas (floating frame) and she chose the traditional.

* * *

I want to walk you through the sizing process a little bit: 

  • The mat + frame I use adds 7 inches to the overall size of the print.
  • Since Meg's space was 35" high, we chose 16x20 prints - add 7 inches to each dimension and you get an overall size of 23" tall by 27" wide.
  • Subtracting the height of the framed print (23") from height of her space (35") gives us 8 inches remaining.
  • Placing the print in the middle of the space means we have 4 inches breathing room top and bottom, which is great for a space like this!


* * *

Meg wanted a variety of colors. Matching her wall color for these samples, I suggested these prints.

For the longer wall:

custom lifeguard tower display

For the shorter wall:

custom lifeguard tower display

I created mockups
by dropping the images into the picture of her room. It's not perfect by any means, but it certainly helps visualize the final product.

custom lifeguard tower display

Meg loved it, and just wanted to switch out the pink lifeguard stand on the left with a purple one instead.

Here's the final display!

We were both so happy with it, and I hope the colorful beachy prints make her kids workspace a really happy place to be :)

custom lifeguard stand display framed


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