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My New Office Wall Art

Months ago, after repurposing / repainting a large bench for my office, I bought an assortment of frames and made an arrangement on the wall above this nice new work table.  


After looking at empty frames for longer than I care to admit, I finally decided on a theme - and the theme is: 


I know, I know - there's really no REASON I can't have a picture of a pit viper that I took in Costa Rica in my living room, or a closeup of an iguana in Puerto Rico in my bedroom, but those rooms already have themes :D 

Since this is my creative space, I thought it would be a great area to rotate some favorite images that make me happy or remind me of great vacations. I started with the pineapple, the closeup of the tropical leaves, and the lifeguard tower in the bottom row, and then built on.

Sunflower.  Volcano. Iguana. Monkey. Beach rock formation. Elk in Colorado. Macaws in Costa Rica. Pit viper. Cliffs in Maine. Owl in our yard. Poofy flowers in Arizona. Rock cairn along a waterfall trail. Rainbow eucalyptus.

Office Wall Art

* * * * *

These frames are square sizes 8x8 and 12x12, along with 11x14s hung both vertically and horizontally.  I found them at Hobby Lobby. I just cleared a space on the floor, started with the center row and arranged things how I liked, and then moved everything to the wall.

The smaller size prints means they are inexpensive to switch out when I decide I want to look at different pretty things.

* * * * *

I'm a fan of gallery walls as I've mentioned in other articles (click here to read).  I like the flexibility to change things up and keep it fresh.  The pictures and layout of this wall will likely change over time but so far the bright splashes of color are just what I needed.

TIP: Using the Command Strips for picture frames saves you a lot of holes in the wall!

* * * * *
Photos in this display that are also in my shop.

Click on the images to view the listing.

puerto rico rock formation coastal photograph

pineapple close up

tropical leaf close up colorful abstract

golden cactus desert bloom

puerto rico lifeguard tower at sunset


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