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What is a matted print?

Matted prints are one of the options I offer for desk size art prints.

They're a a popular display option, and I want to show you my process for creating them!

These prints are created with an artboard border that surrounds the print. The artboard is cut to size, and an opening is cut to display the art.

This option gives your art breathing room, and can really enhance the visual presentation of the piece! The backing board provides another layer of support and protection for the print, to prevent wrinkles and tears.

To create a matted print -

  • I first print the chosen image and allow it to dry completely.
  • I then attach the print to the back of the artboard mat with archival artist tape.
  • Next, I apply the backing board using archival tape.
  • Stamp and sign the back, and package it up to ship to you!

I offer this option for 5x7 and 8x10 prints, and it's my preferred way to deliver those smaller images. A 5x7 print is matted to 8x10, which is a standard frame size that you can easily find.  8x10 prints are matted to 11x14, which again is a frame size you'll be able to buy at most retailers.  Just pop your matted print into the frame and you're ready to dress up your space! 

Here's a quick TikTok video of my process.

@catchastarfineart Matted photo prints are a great visual presentation, and protects your prints too!#catchastarfineart #photographyprints #prints #supportartists #howidoit #beachphotos #epson #CapCut ♬ original sound - Catch A Star Fine Art
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