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What is an art print?

There are many ways to display an image - art prints, matted prints, framed, canvas, acrylic, metal - whatever your space and style, there's an option that will fit perfectly!

In this series of posts, I'm going to explore and explain a few of the different types of print options to help you make the best decision for your walls.

* * * * *

art print orange lifeguard tower on beach with simple frame and lighting

So let's start at the beginning - ART PRINTS. What does that mean, exactly?

ART PRINTS is a term commonly used for photography prints or reproductions of paintings. They are the simplest, most accessible way to take a photograph out of the camera / computer and get it into the world as a tangible piece of art.

So, they're paper, right?

Yes they are, but - quality art prints are far different from the glossy paper prints you'll get if you print at Walmart or Snapfish.

How are art prints different from a normal print you can get from a drugstore?

First of all - I have a pair of professional Epson printers. These are not like printers you get from big box stores! They are large-format printers with exceptional resolution and color output. The detail and color are amazing.

Second - the paper that I choose for my art prints is SUPER important. I use a professional matte paper for all my printing. Why matte? Because simply put, gloss steals detail. Glossy papers just won't have the depth and texture that matte papers do.

The paper and ink quality combined produces amazing vibrance, detail, and longevity for your art.

Here's a look at my printer ink! The multiple cartridges, including several kinds of blacks, leads to GREAT prints. I adore this printer.

professional printer with many ink cartridges

* * * * *

It's really important to me to produce the best quality prints possible!

Standard ART PRINTS are a classic and well-loved way to display images.You really can't go wrong with this versatile way to add art to your walls! And I want to make sure that they look really great, so I don't skimp on professional papers and printers. Top-quality prints remain a reasonably-priced option for art display as well.

Any questions? Email me at :)

And.... check out this video (complete with office helper!) of a lifeguard tower art print being created in my studio. While I truly wish it happened THIS fast, it only takes about 2 minutes for an 8x10 to print :)




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