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What colors to paint your home, and why


My favorite color is green.

The shade of green has changed over time, from sea foam to lime green to teal, but some form of green is always my top choice. 

I lean towards warm colors, am not a big fan of  the grays that are currently popular in home decor, and I’m not at all afraid to paint a room something bold. I’ve had chocolate brown walls in my kitchen, and I’ve had a cherry-red office! Currently I’ve toned things down a bit and have more neutrals in my home, and have added my pops of color with accessories and fabrics.

If you ever wanted to add some color to your house, but weren’t sure where to start, this is a helpful infographic.  And I think these suggestions hold true for not just the color on the walls, but the items  you choose to put in the rooms, including pillows and artwork.  So to increase your productivity, maybe a beach photo with a variety of blues is just the thing for your office!


What Color To Paint Your  Home And Why Infographic





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